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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Automatic Health Regeneration
Connect your GBA to your GameCube. You must have the GBA PoP game in your GBA for this to work.

Unlock Original Prince of Persia
Find and activate the three special GameCube switches in the GBA version of PoP, then connect your GBA to your GameCube.

Level passwords
Level - Password
Jafar battle LRARUC

Easy Fights
Use the dagger to stab the enemy so that he becomes frozen. Then, hit him once with your sword so that he floats in the air. When he lands, he will be lying on the ground. Stab him with the dagger to take his sand.

Repeatedly Drink
Hold R when drinking from a fountain or pond and you you will drink repeatedly.

Farah's Attitude
When near Princess Farah, switch to first person view and look at her for a long time. At the beginning of the game, she will soon tell you to stop staring at her. Later in the game, she will tell you that your eyes are green and you can look at her if you want.

Angry Farah
Any time you are alone with Farah, take out your sword and hit her once (you might kill her). She should yell at you and shoot you with her bow.

Wall Jump
You will need this cheat to complete levels in the game. First, when you're on the wall(not running into it), press A and aim the control stick where you want to jump. This works on bars, only if you jump off it and go on the wall, poles, and you can use it when you're running up or along the wall.

Classic Prince Of Persia mini-game
Successfully complete the game to unlock the classic Prince Of Persia game in the "Extras" menu.

Classic Prince Of Persia 2 mini-game
After getting the second sword that can break walls (approximately one third of the way through the game after the "Above the Bath's" area), you will reach a large location where you must pass through a door with Farah and activate a lever to open another door to a hallway filled with scarabs. There are three positions to this switch (open door into room, open door to hallway with scarabs, and open secret door to the classic Prince Of Persia 2). The switch is located at the end of the room, near the save point and near a large piece of rubble. There is a wall opposite to that lever that appears to be unbreakable, and does not look like other wall areas that can be manipulated. When you hit this secret area on the wall, it will not spark as expected. After setting the switch to unlock the door to the mini-game, keep hitting the non-sparking section of wall until it breaks. A message will appear to state that the classic Prince Of Persia 2 has now been unlocked.

3D Prince Of Persia level
Insert a controller into port four. Start a new game and stay on the balcony. Hold B on controller four, then quickly press A, B, Y, X, Y, A, B, X on controller one. You will then enter the first level of the original Prince Of Persia, redone in 3D. Note: There is no end to the level. Once you get your sword and see a picture of the developers, that is all there is. Do not think that you are stuck; they just did not have time to finish it.

A Prisoner Seeking An Escape: Hangman
When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking An Escape level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell to the left when looking at the save point. In the left corner of the cell is a little joke on the wall. Take a closer look in first person view at the drawings you find there. Obviously the prisoners where playing hangman here.

Baths: Magic Fountain
After earning yourself the second sword which can break the walls, gain access to the secret corridor. Stop halfway through the corridor and on the right wall should be a wall with a crack that someone has hastily concealed. Break the wall to find another Magic Fountain.

Courtyard: Magic Fountain
After completing the trap corridor where you had to race to the slowly closing door, you will battle some Sand Monsters in the courtyard. After this has been successfully done, climb up the courtyard. When you are in the section where you
have to climb up the ladder which appears above the spikes, continue until you find a Sand Cloud. Near the sand cloud is a hole in the wall. Climb up the rubble and run among the wall to grab on the ledge. Go through the hole to find yourself in a mystery area. Keep walking on the bridges until you reach a fountain. Drinking from this fountain will raise your life bar.

Daybreak: Avoid battles
When the Prince and Farah attempt to cross the drawbridge you have lowered, many sand creatures will appear to battle you. Just run past them on the left and into the open doorway with the switch inside. They will not follow, and you wll not have to fight them.

Underground Reservoir: Swinging on ropes
When you are swinging on the ropes (by holding R) and you are at the end of a swing and close to the object that you want to swing to, press A, then release R. When you hit the rope, press A. Note: You should make it most of the time.

Defense system puzzle
When entering the room with the defense system in it, follow these steps to complete the puzzle.

Step on the glowing "full moon" panel to retrieve the first axle. Approach the levers on the middle of the platform, and turn it on these steps: right, up, left three times, and up two times. Step on the glowing New Moon to retrieve it.

Next, turn the levers up, right two times, and up two times. Then, step on the half moon panel to gain the third axle.

A "quarter moon" insignia marks the last axle. Turn the levers right and down. Step on the quarter moon to receive the last axle.

To bring the entire platform up, move the levers up, left and up.

Tomb doors puzzle
Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and go clockwise. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Seventh door from the entrance
3. Third door from the entrance

After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the second level of this room. It is almost the same, just with more doors. The order is:

1. Fourth door from the entrance
2. Ninth door from the entrance
3. Fifth door from the entrance

An intermission sequence will then follow.

In the circular room you find in the tomb, there are doors that you must enter in the correct order, or be teleported back to the start. One way to make sure you go through the correct door is to listen carefully. When you are in front of the next door that you need to enter, you will hear the sound of trickling water. This indicates that you are standing in front of the correct door. Repeat this until you have solved the maze.

When you are almost at the end of the game, you will be trapped in a room with a lot of doors. Every time you go in one, you end up back where you started. An easy way to find the correct doors is to run by the doors until you hear a splash of water. As soon as you do, stop and go into the door. Repeat this three more times and you will be at the second set of doors. Do the same thing four times and you will pass the level.

Defeating sand monsters
Do a vault on any sand monster (or rebound over their head). Press Retrieve then Attack to destroy it.

Defeating the Vizier
Once you have about 98% of the game completed and are prepared to have a showdown with the evil Vizier, the best way to kill him is with counter strikes. Defend against the clone with R. Unlike his underlings, he cannot figure out a way
past your sword. As soon as he strikes at you, press B to counter with your sword. You can also use your dagger, but it is much less effective due to the fact you cannot freeze him. If desired, you can hit him by jumping over and slicing with
your sword, but this may not work and is slower.


Automatic Health Regeneration
Connect your GBA to your GameCube. You must have the GBA PoP game in your GBA for this to work.

Unlock Original Prince of Persia
Find and activate the three special GameCube switches in the GBA version of PoP, then connect your GBA to your GameCube.

Enter one of these in the password screen to jump ahead to that level.
KIEJSC --- Go to level 2
VNNNPC --- Go to level 3
IYVPTC --- Go to level 4
RWSWWC --- Go to level 5
GONWUC --- Go to level 6
DEFNUC --- Go to level 7
SVZMSC --- Go to level 8
DBJRPC --- Go to level 9
MZFYSC --- Go to level 10
BRAYQC --- Go to level 11
UUGTPC --- Go to level 12
LRARUC --- Go to Jafar battle

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Preview Disc Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Billy Hatcher: Play Second Mission
To play the second mission of Billy Hatcher, press and hold A at the title screen, then hit Start

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pool Paradise Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Shop Items
Laser Sight ($100): Helps your aim.
HUD Goggles ($5,000): Show ball paths.
Stuffed Dodo ($2,500): Unknown
Coconut Shy mini-game ($3,000)
Skeepool mini-game ($3,000)
Hidden Cave mini-game ($5,000)
Darts mini-game ($4,000)
Dropzone mini-game ($8,000)

Hidden Cave
After buying the Hidden Cave mini-game at the store, go to the practice table. Start a game, and point towards where the hidden cave is supposed to appear. From the break position, go to the right at about the 2 O'clock position and point at the cave located there. If done correctly, you will be able to select the map in the following step. Press Start to pause game play, then select the 'Inventory' option followed by 'Sub Games'. Then, select the Hidden Cave map. Answer 'Yes' when prompted to quit the practice game. You should now be at the Hidden Cave, with a treasure chest with money. After reaching it the first time, it becomes unlocked at the main menu at the island rock.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Pokemon Box: Ruby And Sapphire Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

All attributes
Press Y to see all attributes.

Change colors
Press A or B to change the color of the pokemon.

The egg you get is NOT a secret Pokemon. It is either a Swablu or a Zigzagoon that learns moves it shouldn't. When my Swablu hatched, it knew False Swipe. Don't bother hatching them, they're nothing special.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pokemon Box Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Change Pokemons Color
Press Y to see all attributes and press A or B to change the color of the pokemon

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pokemon Colosseum Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Orre Colosseum
Get through the Phenac Stadium, Pyrite Colosseum, and Under Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 50 Orre Colosseum. Get through the Tower Colosseum in single and double battle modes to unlock the level 100 Orre Colosseum.

Purify Quickly
Get Time Flute and call Celebi. When shadow Pokemon see Celebi, they become purified. Alternately, get Time Flute and call Jurachi.

150 Rare Candies
After defeating Cipher Admin Venus in her broadcast center (in the Under) go to the room behind the camaera nearest the entrance and open the box to get 3 RARE CANDIES. Give any 3 of your pokemon 1 candy apiece to HOLD. Go to the nearest PC and save. Deposit those 3 pokemon and then move the pokemon to seperate boxes. Save the game. Once saved turn off the GameCube and turn it back on 2 seconds later. Load the saved game and enter PC, once in you'll see 3 boxes that contain items. Withdraw the previous 3 pokemon and take back their items. Each pokemon should now hold 50 RARE CANDIES apiece. Totaling 150 !

Pyrite colesseum registration
If you aren't able to register for the Pyrite colosseum you need to battle every trainer in Pyrite and then go to Duking's house(rusty with a G type leter on it) walk over to the right side of the bookshelf the boy is in front of and it will say "there is a button on the side,push it?" push yes and go in talk to the girls and come out a man will be talking to duking,something will happen at the windmill and a gear will be gone,the gear is at the construction site on the map,go there and walk up,right an and you will see a shiney circle like thing, take it back to the windmill and you may now enter at the colosseum.

Trade Machine
The trade machine allows you to trade Pok?mon to and from Pok?mon Ruby and Sapphire. To unlock the device, defeat the boss of Realgam's Colosseum.

Catch Ho-oh
In order to find the mythical bird you must first satisfy 2 conditions:

1. Snag and fully purify all 48 Shadow Pokemon in story mode.
2. Beat all 100 trainers on
Mt. Battle. This can be done in either Single Battle or Double Battle mode.

However, you can only use a team from story mode, not from your Ruby or Sapphire game pack. If you want to get around this rule, simply use the trade center in
Phenac City to import your Pokemon into your story mode team.

After beating the 100th trainer on
Mt. Battle, Ho-oh will show up and will automactically be transported to your PC.

Note: If your PC is full, you will not get Ho-oh and must retry the
Mt. Battle challange.

Catch Missed Shadow Pok?mon
If, during battle with another trainer, you accidentally kill the Shadow Pok?mon, simply leave the area and return. The trainer will want to fight again, giving you a second chance to catch the Shadow beast!

Purify Shadow Pok?mon
1.Put the Shadow Pok?mon in your party and walk around with it.
2. Make it battle.
3. "CALL" the Pok?mon during a battle when it's in "HYPER MODE" and make it "COME TO".
4. Leave it in the Daycare.
5. Use the "SCENT" item in the "COLOGNE CASE". By repeating the methods above the Pok?mon will begin to become purified. The purifying process differs based on each Pok?mon's nature.

Connect your Game Boy Advance, with Pok?mon Sapphire, to your GameCube with the Pok?mon Colosseum Bonus Disc to unlock Jirachi.

Shadow Pokemon List

Easy Purification
If you've used both Time Flutes, talk to the lady standing by the logs near the berry guy. She will give you a Cologne Case if you answer yes. Then go to the Poke Mart and buy as many Vivid Scents as you can afford. Stand by the Relic Stone and use them all on the Pokemon you want to Purify. Note: the lady only appears after The Under, or somewhere around that point.

How to get the strategy memo
Go to phenac city, in the building where you defeated the female gym leader, go to the right and talk to the teacher.


Catching Entie:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you might catch him.

Catching Suicene:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you might catch him.

Catching Rakiou:
Use Umbreon and another weak pokemon to lower its PP. Make Umbreon use Toxic and/or Confuse Ray and attack with your strongest Pokemon. When he is almost dead, throw your stongest ball and you might catch him

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Pokemon Channel Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Get Channel-Quiz Wobbuffet
Watch Pichu Bros. 1.

Get Smeargle Paint 2
Watch TV with Pikachu and then Report on the Report Channel.

Get Channel-Smoochum Shape Up
Watch Pichu Bros. 1.

Get Channel-PNF-
Watch Pichu Bros. 1.

Get Channel-Shop 'n' Squirtle
Watch Pichu Bros. 1.

Get The Retro TV
Use the Smeargle 2 on Pichu Bros. 1 and then Report on the Report Channel.

Skip Segments
While watching TV, press L or R to skip segments.

Unlock Movie Projector
Earn all five episodes of the Pichu Bros. Party Panic.

Express Delivery
Change the date and time of the GameCube (turn on the system with the lid open) to the time you need in the game. You can use this "time-shift" to your advantage when you really need those items, for example after you find the fifth Pichu Bros. Cartoon Disk, you normally need to wait one day for your reward. Instead, adjust the system clock and get your stuff faster.

Unlock Anime Part 5
On day 5 there will be a PNF news flash about the Anime 5 Disc. Professor Oak says that Magnemite won't be able to find it. You need to have a Mt. Snowfall pass for this. Take the bus to Mt. Snowfall. Keep moving to the right until you stop. There will be a signpost. Click on it. Once you're in there, there should be a Gengar. Click on it. It will say you need the Duskull Lamp. Leave the Ruins of Truth and go to Springleaf Field. Say "hi" to the Duskull. Answer the question correctly. Instead of a Nice Card or P10 you will receive the Duskull lamp. Go back to the Ruins of Truth. Click on the Gengar. He should flee. Enter the building. When you get in you'll see 2 dots. Click on them. Pikachu will shock them and they will light up and a sign will appear. Click on it. You'll be brought to a tomb stone. Click on it. You'll be asked a question about Pikachu. Click the "X". The tombstone will be switched with a Golbat statue. Click on it. Pikachu will get stuck. Jiggle the control stick until Pikachu comes out with a disk. After you get out, a magnemite will take the disk. Now you can watch Anime Part 5 whenever you want.

Unlock Prime Binder
Collect 50 different kinds of Nice Cards.

Unlock Superior Binder
Get 25 different kinds of Nice Cards.

Unlock all Pikachu nice cards
Collect 101 different Nice Cards to unlock all three versions.

Complete Pichu Bros. movies
Look in the crates after Day 6 to find the Pichu Bros movies.

Kasumi Disc
Togepi will give this disc to you on the sixth day.

Pichu Bros Episode #2
Play Pokemon Channel on Day 2.

Pichu Bros Episode #3
Play Pokemon Channel on Day 3.

Pichu Bros Episode #4
Play Pokemon Channel on Day 4.

Pichu Bros Episode #5
Look in the Ruins Of Truth.

Jirachi download
After watching Pichu Bros. Party Panic through the star projector you can take Jirachi to your Ruby/Sapphire game pak. Go to options at the main menu and select Jirachi. Meet all of the conditions and you'll have your own little star. Sweet!


Fast forward through shows
To advance through the segments of a show on the TV, press L then R once right after each other while watching the TV channel you want to fast-forward. You will switch back and forth on the channel menu but not actually watch the other channel. Repeat this to see the next  segm

How to unlock channels:
All 3 varieties of the 9 Pikachu Nice Cards --- Collect 101 different kinds of Nice Cards
Full English Pichu Bros. movie --- After the sixth day, find in crates
Full Japenese Pichu Bros. movie --- After the sixth day, find in crates
Hosted by Kasumi Disc --- Togepi will give this disc to you on the sixth day
Movie Projector --- On the sixth day, Prof. Oak will give it to you
Pichu Bros. fifth part --- Find in the Ruins of Truth
Pichu Bros. fourth part --- Play Pokemon Channel on the fourth day
Pichu Bros. second part --- Play Pokemon Channel on the second day
Pichu Bros. third part --- Play Pokemon Channel on the third day
Prime Binder --- Collect 50 different kinds of Nice Cards
Superior Binder --- Collect 25 different kinds of Nice Cards

Nice Cards and Binders:
All three varieties of nine Pikachu Nice Cards --- Collect 101 different kinds of Nice Cards.
Prime Binder --- Collect 50 different kinds of Nice Cards.
Superior Binder --- Collect 25 different kinds of Nice Cards.
Hosted by Kasumi Disc --- Defeat the game once

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Pitfall II
Collect and use all Idols.

Cheat List
Hold L + R and enter the following:
Bottomless canteen: LEFT, B, X, DOWN, B, A, B, X
Original Pitfall: X, X, LEFT, RIGHT, X, B, A, UP, X
Hyper Punch Mode: LEFT, RIGHT, X, UP, X, RIGHT, LEFT
Play as Nicole: LEFT, UP, DOWN, UP, X, UP, UP

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Pikmin 2 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Unlock Challenge Mode
To key to unlocking Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode (for one or two players) lies in the game's third zone -- the lake area. Once you have unlocked it, grab a group of yellow and red Pikmin as well as a handful of white Pikmin (to dig up hidden treasures along the way). No blue Pikmin needed. Fight the electric bugs and fire emitters with the matching Pikmin and make your way to basement level 5. Fight the mechanical spider with a small group of yellow Pikmin: throw them at the spider's body, then call them back to you and move them out of the way when the spider is stomping its feet. When you have beaten the spider, a key (literally) appears. Have the Pikmin bring it back and exit the level by jumping into the geyser. The Challenge Mode will now be available for selection from the main menu.

Title Screen Fun
At the title screen (where it says "press Start"), press the X button to make a beetle appear. Once the insect is on the screen, you can use left and right on the C-Stick to turn it and forward to move. If you move the bug into the Pikmin that make up the logo, they will "interact" with the bug. Press Y to make a Chappie appear. You can move it around the same way and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. To get rid of the creatures, press the L button. Press R to make the Pikmin run around the screen and then rearrange themselves to form the word "Nintendo."

Cinemas And Credits Option
Collect 10,000 Pocos.

Treasure Completion Fmv Sequence
Collect all the treasure pieces and rescue Louie.

Looie's Dark Secret Fmv Sequence
Successfully complete all challenge mode arenas with a 'Pink flower' rank.

Play As Shyacho
Collect 10,000 Pocos and save Hokotate Intergalactic Delivery.

Pikmin Reference
Get twenty of each of the five different Pikmin colors into one group. They will hum the theme song from the original Pikmin.

Awakening Wood
Collect the sphere map in Emergence Cave.

Perplexing Pool
Collect the exploration map in the Awakening Wood.

Wistful Wild
Repay the 10,000 pokos of your company's debt.

Defeating Emperor Bulblax
Take about ten Purple Pikmin and use the Ultra-Spicy Spray on them. Throw them all on the giant Bulblax. The Boss should be defeated in just a few seconds.

Defeating Empress Bulblax
Take about three to five Red Pikmin and go into the corner directly next to Empress Bulblax. Start to throw all the Red Pikmin on it. When it is about to shake them off, whistle your Pikmin back and go into the corner, pressing the C-stick
Down, so they will be behind you and therefore will not be crushed. Keep repeating those steps until you defeat Empress Bulblax. This is a good strategy to use to keep most of your Pikmin alive.

Hidden Pikmin 1 Theme Song
Assemble 20 of each of the 5 colored Pikmin into a single group to hear them hum the Japanese Pikmin 1 theme song, Ai no Uta by Strawberry Flower.

Easy way to kill enemies
An easy way to kill any enemy that will eat (not smash or anything besides eat) this includes emporer bulbax just send out a white pikmin and let it get eaten. Sure you probably dont have a lot of white pikmin but it should be used in dire situations.

In-game reset
Hold X + B + Start during game play.

Defeating Looie's spider Boss
Go head on to the Boss with only Yellow Pikmin.

Defeating worms
The worms that shoot rocks can be used to destroy itself and other monsters. When it shoots a rock it will follow you stand behind the monster you want destroyed the rock will hit it and there you go. If you want the worm destroyed stand behind it.

Blue pikmin
The blue pikmin are in the awakening wood level. You need yellow pikmin!To take down an electric wall. They are past the flowers that have berries.Then pass the tree stump,and you see a wall throw your pikmin up on the top and go to the right and through the water call your pikmin and attack the wall.


Easter Egg: Title Screen Fun
* At the title screen (where it says "press Start"), press the X button to make a beetle appear. Once the insect is on the screen, you can use left and right on the C-Stick to turn it and forward to move. If you move the bug into the Pikmin that make up the logo, they will "interact" with the bug.
* Press Y to make a Chappie appear. You can move it around the same way and press Z to make it eat Pikmin. To get rid of the creatures, press the L button.
* Press R to make the Pikmin run around the screen and then rearrange themselves to form the word "Nintendo."

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pikmin Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Challenge Option Modus
Save the game at any point to unlock a "Challenge Mode" option at the main menu. Select that option to replay previously completed sections in a time attack type scenario. The objective is to collect as many Pikmin as possible before nightfall.

Just press down on the d-pad and wait for four Pikmin to carry you to their onion. You will not get sucked in to the onion, but you will get close.

30 Frustrating Parts
It's hard to gather all 30 parts for Olimar's ship, so it's best to gather the parts that are most important. He specifically says he doesn't need all 30 parts. Read the description for it before you have your Pikmin take it back to base.

Getting Various Colored Pikmin
You can get the Red Pikmin when you start the game (Impact Site). You can get Yellow Pikmin when you get to the next area (Forest Of Hope). You can get the Blue Pikmin in the third area (Forest Navel).

A Bunch of Flower Pikmin
Have any Pikmin bring something back to the onion and when they return pikmin seeds come out. Go somewhere (anywhere) and then come back (before nightfall) and check the seeds. They will be buds or flowers! I got a bunch of flower pikmin!

Captain Olimar can Fight
If you are tired of losing pikmin to those little creatures,(smaller ladybug lookin things, those large tadpoles with the hugh mouths, and those little grubs that break down bridges and fly), just walk around with Captain Olimar and when you come to one, just press the A button repeatedly (while moving around so not to get hit), this results in a dead bug and no dead pikmin.

Defeating Frogs
Get a large group of Pikmin (preferably Red). Go up to the frog and dodge his first attack. Then, swarm him with your Pikmin. He will not be able to get off the ground, causing a near instant kill. This works with all frogs, but requires more with the Distant Spring frogs.

Easy way to kill a Bulborb
When you see a bulborb don't just attack it from the front. Get all of your pikmin, then sneak behind it and use the C stick. When they start to attack it will only be around 2 seconds before it dies.

Defeat Bulbax
Take 20 Yellow and 80 Red Pikmin on a new day to fight him. Get bomb rocks for all your Yellow Pikmin from the back and then put all you Pikmin outsdie the Arena. Wake him up. Now leave a Yellow bomb rock Pikmin for him to eat. Wait for the bomb to blow up in his stomach and swarm him. When he shakes them off, call them back and repeat.

Press Down and the D-Pad. Olimar cannot control anything but cannot be hurt.

Get Olimar Turned into Pikmin
Fail to get all the required parts in 30 days.

Defeat Smoky Progg
Visit the Distant Spring before day 15 and find an egg in the huge lake. Smash it and run back to base. The Smoky Progg will now chase you. Any Pikmin (even planted) that touches the slime it leaves will die do use Red Pikmin and swarm his face. If you kill it he will leave a nut that will make 100 Pikmin.

Unlock the Final Trail
Unlock the FINAL TRAIL when you get all other 29 spaceship parts.

Aternate Ending
The ending you get depends on how many parts you get:

Bad: if you fail to collect the 25 REQUIRED parts of Olimar's ship, he will be stranded forever and become a pikmin.
Normal: If you get the REQUIRED parts of Olimar's ship, he will leave the planet for home.
Great: After you collect the secret safe Olimar will return the planet happy that his ship was repared %100 and there is a little surprise at the end.

Killing Mr. Mushroom
You should Kill Mr. Mushroom by your self not with your Pikmin. Mr. Mushroom will spray out a purple gas that will make the Pikmin stunned and attack you.

Defeat Goolix
Goolix will appear in The Impact Site in the 1/5 chance. when he appears, Take 50 Blue Pikmin or less and Aim for that strange round object inside the goolix that shows a yellow-Green-Black colour, control your Pikmin with the C-Stick to that ball, press Y to release your pikmin, and wait till the end, goolix will die.
Note: Don't Use any other colour Pikmin, cause goolix has a body of water! And make sure you know that Red and Yellow pikmin hate that element.

Get 150 Pikmin!
In The Impact Site there are 3 clamppearls, one clampearl has a Ship part, but make sure you recovered that part already. the clamppearls will have a pearl each. get the pearls out of all the clamppearls, each pearl will make 50 pikmin. carry the 3 pearls to the onion to make 150 Pikmins!

NOTE: You can hold 100 Pikmin at maximum: make sure you put the rest of the pikmin in the onion to save space for the each 50 that will come out the pearl. you only need 3 pikmin to carry a pearl. Don't carry the pearls in a row. Sprout each 50 Pikmin and next send them into the onion next carry the other pearl. repeat this method to get 150 Pikmin and a high population result as well.

Defeat Fiery Blowhog
Use red Pikmin, let him turn to you, with his bag to the water. throw or swarm Blowhog to beat him.

Kill Iridescent Flint Beetle
Look where he stares, aim a meter in front of his head, throw Pikmin in hope to hit him while he walks. Repeat that to get pellets.


Challenge Mode
Once you have saved your progress once, a new option will be available from the main menu: Challenge Mode. This mode lets you go back and compete in the areas that you have already opened up in the main game. The idea is not to find spaceship pieces, but rather to build as big a Pikmin army as you can before the sun sets. The biggest army scores are saved and entered into a ranking

Help Drown Pikmin:
Just throw some blue Pikmin near them and they'll throw them back to the shore.

Big Pikmin Grower:
In the impact site, bomb-rock the wall next to the stump. Take blue Pikmin out and go there. There are some clams that have pearls worth 50 sprouts and one has a part. Just throw a couple in the mouths. When they start to open their mouths, call them back. It may be a bit slow, but it's worth it!

View Fireworks:
As the master of the Pikmin, you have some royal treatment coming your way. Press Down (on the D-Pad) for 4 Pikmin to carry you back to base. You'll see a fireworks display held just for you. Or, if you want, just stand still long enough

Friday, March 20, 2015

Piglet's Big Game Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Eeyore And Owl Levels
Successfully complete the Pooh and Roo levels to unlock the Owl and Eeyore levels.

Rabbit And Tigger Levels
Successfully complete the Owl and Eeyore levels to unlock the Rabbit and Tigger levels.

Final Level
Successfully complete all other levels in the game to unlock the last level.

Bonus Mode
Successfully complete the final level, then replay any level to play an alternate version where you have to catch enemies in the various locations.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Beat Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Heroes. Select Story, Free Battle, or Online mode, then go to the trading machine and select the 'Search Event Files' option.

Clippen Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Billy Hatcher.

Halloween Rappy Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Heroes.

Madam's Umbrella Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Mega Collection.

Nano Dragon Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 And 2.

Rage Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Sange Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Adventure DX.

Sonic Knuckle Card
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Sonic Heroes.

Dressing Room
Successfully complete both the Hunter and Ark storylines in Story mode (offline) to unlock the Dressing Room. It will disappear after each use, but will reappear again each time either the Hunter or Arkz storyline is completed once more.

Chair In Lobby
Hold X and press A or B while standing in an online lobby to create a Photon Chair that matches your character's Section ID. Press A to move forwards or use the Analog-stick to turn. Press B to get rid of the chair.

Control Loading Screen
Use the Analog-stick to change colors and/or tap A to make a chime at the loading screen.

Billy Hatcher Demo Tape
At the title screen, hold G + B on a keyboard to see a Billy Hatcher video preview.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

Unlock New Difficulties:
Completing the game on Normal Difficulty in either episode will unlock Hard, Very Hard and Ultimate Difficulties. Reaching levels 20, 40 and 80 will also unlock each difficulty for online play.

Manipulate the loading screens
Going online, you can use either the Control Stick, or the C-Stick to move the glittering light around the screen.
Going to an area, you can use the Control Stick to turn the warp tunnel, and the C-Stick to change the speed of the tun

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Phantasy Star Online Nintendo Gamecube Cheats

How to get the Musashi
The Musashi is a special weapon for the hunters to get it beat the dragon boss of the forest on hard mode after you kill the dragon on hard mode it might leave a red colored box that says special weapon go to the tekker and let him examine it and it turns into the Musashi.

Trap Cheat
If you hate it whenever your character slows down in the presence of a harmful trap, causing you to be hit by it, just hold the R button before you get to an area where you suspect traps will be. You wont slow down.

Very Hard Difficulty Mode
Finish the game using normal difficulty in both episodes. Reach a level of 20 online to get the online hard mode.

Create a chair in lobby
To create a chair in the online lobbys, this is what you need to do. While standing in the lobby, press X, hold it, then press A. A chair will appear, in the color or your section ID. Press A to move forward, and the control stick to turn. To make the chair go away, press B.

Duplicate items online
Enter a game online and drop the item that you want to dupe. Get someone to stay in the game and turn off the GC Then turn it on again and enter the game the item should be there and you should have one in your inventory.

Dressing Room
You get access to the dressing room if you successfully clear all of the areas in the 1p mode.

Get Ultimate Difficulty Mode
Finish the game using very hard difficulty in both episodes. Reach a level of 80 online to get the online hard mode.

Avoid walking near traps and enemies
Normally, you cannot run when near a trap or enemy. To avoid this, press Start to display the main menu. You may now run again

Avoid mine field damage
When in a level with a trap mine field, hold Start and run through. You will not get hurt.

Fun with Traps
If you hate waiting around for Rappys to get back up and you are an Android, set a fire/explosion trap by them. Run to the other side of the area. As soon as they get up to run, the trap will go off and you can grab the items. If you are being attacked by multiple enemies, herd them into a group then run away from them. When you are about 10 to 15 feet away from them, set a trap and turn back towards the enemy, so that the trap is between you and the group. Fire a shot at the trap to set it off (like the preset traps in most levels). The effect of your trap will still go off, but you will have a bit more control over it.

Slip through block and laser blocked doors
This trick requires a Saber, Brand, or no weapon at all. Go to a corner of a blocked or a laser blocked door. Face the corner, then start attacking. Keep doing this, and you will eventually slip through the door. This trick is useful for getting to new places early. Note: This trick is difficult to execute.

Ice Break
When you are frozen by an enemy, trap, or Boss, move the Analog-stick Up and Down, or Left to Right very rapidly to break free of the ice. This works very well when fighting Bosses with Ice Element attacks such as the Gol Dragon or Sil Dragon. This trick also works in battle mode.

Unlimited number of MAGS
Note: At least two controllers are required for this trick. Make multiple characters and enter cooperative mode. Have one character drop his or her MAG and the other pick it up. Go back and recreate the person who dropped the MAG and go through the process again until you get as many as desired. Note: You can also do this for Meseta.

Specialized MAGS
Being able to equip Busters to level 1 Force and have them learn Megid is simple if you have specialized MAGs. Put levels of only one type on a MAG and when equipped, it raises that stat by 400. Every stat level on a MAG puts up the corresponding stat by 2 points. Since all MAGs start with 5 levels on Defense, it is the only stat that can truly be maxed.

Getting Al or Pal Rappies to appear
You must have access to the second tier of quests in order to do this. Select the Fake In Yellow quest and go through the first three areas with Rappies, killing them off. Once in the fourth area with Rappies (where you meet the doctor in the Rappy costume for the second time), there should be a huge amount of Rappies dropping down. Drop a Telepipe and examine them all to see if any of them is an Al (or a Pal under the ultimate difficulty setting) Rappy. If not, enter the pipe to town then quickly return to the area. The Rappies will drop again. Repeat this procedure until eventually one of the normal Rappies turns out to be a rare Rappy. It is recommended that you have the ability to use Ryuker when doing this, as it is cheaper then going back and forward to pay for Telepipes (350 each). Before the room that you usually teleport to in Forest 1 without the quests, there will be three Rag Rappies that drop down. If you are level 13+, one of them can turn into an Al Rappy (a Blue Rag Rappy).

KIreek's Soul Eater
You can do this only once per difficulty setting. To get Kireeks' Soul Eater, you need to play "Dr. Osto's Research" quest. Then, after you get the information at the end, talk to Sue. If she asks your name, say "No". After you finish that quest, go to the "Unsealed Door" quest. You will meet Sue again. Talk to her and listen to what she says. Then, complete the quest. Next, go to the Waterfall Tears. After defeating Anna, continue on to Cave 2 (same quest) and you will eventually meet Kireek. He will greet you, then you will have to fight him. After you defeat him, go to the "Black Paper" quest where he will try a rematch in Cave 1 of this quest. Note: You are in the dark in this battle. When you defeat Kireek in that battle, you will meet him again in the "From the Depths" quest. In that quest after you separate from Ash, go back to Ruins 2 (in this quest) and go as far west you can. You will confront Kireek for the final time. It is recommended that you equip some armor, shields, units that can withstand Dark/Draw/Shadow or whatever that weapon is made out of, or use Razonde (or Zonde, if that is all you have). When you defeat him you get to keep his weapon for your accomplishment.

See Flowen
Defeat Olga Flow with a Red Weapon and then go back to town via a Telepipe. Return and Flowen will be there. Note: This is where you get Parasitic Gene "Flow" on Ultimate.

See Red Ring Rico
Defeat Dark Falz with a Dark weapon then go back to town via a Telepipe. Return and Rico will be there. Note: This where you get Red Ring in Ultimate.

Defeating Dubchics
Notice that they return to life. After killing a Dubchic, a brown orb with yellow rings around it should fall to the ground somewhere in that area. Destroy it and all the Dubchics will be destroyed

Defeating Garanz
When you are in Mine 2, you will probably encounter a Garanz. When he shoots his missile, run behind him and he will eventually kill himself. Note: You can get extra experience when this happens

Defeating Gol Dragon
You should be about level 15 if you are a Hunter and have Resta, an Autogun, and Monofluids to restore your MP. When starting the fight, keep shooting at any part of his body. When he is up in the air and is about to land, get away from him or the rising floor will hurt you. His first attack on the ground should be an elemental breath attack. It consists of a fire breath (the weakest one), an ice breath which freezes you (the most dangerous as you can easily die while you are frozen), and a lightning breath which paralyzes you for a short while. When he does the breath attack, walk towards him until you are under his attack and shoot at one of his body parts. He should eventually take flight again. If he starts spinning in the air, then he is using his elemental ball attack. Like the breath, it consists of fire, ice (still the most dangerous), and lightning. During this time, try to evade as many as you can and heal if needed. After this, he will land again. Keep repeating the previous steps until he roars and goes underground. When he re-appears, there will be two of him. Fortunately, one of them is a mirage but it can still hurt you. You can tell if one is a mirage by killing it. When a mirage dies, you will see a bluish flash and it will disappear. The mirages also have a lot less HP. If you kill a mirage, the real one will be by itself again. Just keep attacking and evading as best as you can until it is dead.

Defeating Pofuilly Slimes
It takes a long time to kill a Pofuilly Slime. Instead of having to hit it once waiting for it to pop up again, use a paralyzing or freezing weapon

Defeating Volt Opt
Volt Opt is more difficult than in the Dreamcast version of the game. If you are an Android, you will get shorted about 8 out of 10 times that he shocks you in his first form. Kill the center thing that hangs off the ceiling. Once that is down, shocks stop occurring more often. Shoot Volt Opt in the monitors when you see him. When the poles appear from the ground, find the red pole and take it out. If not, you will get a nasty shock that could short you out for awhile. Repeat these steps with 10 Monomates and 10 Dimates and you should be fine. Once his first form is done, he will become a huge red robot and have multiple attacks (but no more shocking). He usually starts by turning his missile pods towards you, and fires them after three seconds. You can avoid the missile by running around Volt Opt (get a 3-hit combo in before he fires them, then run). He will then turn his laser sights on you. Do another 3-hit combo and run. Keep running and when you hear him powering up, he will drop a huge pole on you. He does this three times. Yet again, you can avoid this by running. He will chase you with the laser sights twice. After that, he will heal himself by about 40. During this time, attack him heavily. He will then switch over to his front and shoot a floating ball at you. Do not stop running or you will be imprisoned in dirt wall while he charges up to do his ultimate attack. If you get hit with this ball in multi-player or online mode, call someone over to. They can get you out by attacking the dirt walls. Repeat this to defeat him and get good experience.

Easy power up
Whenever you enter a Boss room, you will get charged up in defense and attack. You should see one or more red rings glowing around your Mag or shoulders. There also should be red and blue symbols to the right of your HP/TP bars. Get to a Boss warp, such as the Forest boss (the dragon). Before you enter the Boss warp to the room, use a Telepipe or the spell Ryuker. Go in the warp and defeat the Boss. After that, when you are back in Pioneer 2, you should see the Telepipe that you created. Go back through that and enter the Boss' lair again. The Boss will not be there, but you will still get charged up. Quickly find the warp and take it to Pioneer 2. After that, immediately enter the area that you want (caves, mines, ruins). When you appear, you will still be charged up. This should work with every Boss under any difficulty setting. This is an easy way to have the advantage while playing through the levels.

Cheap Kills
If you are having trouble in a room, try running out of it and go back in. Some monsters will probably go into a dormant mode and allow you to get off a hit or two before they retaliate. This is especially useful against Garanz.

Refill Health
If you are a robot in the game, you can refill your health after receiving damage from an enemy. Find a safe place to rest and remain in that spot for a least a minute. Your health meter will go up a little bit at a time. If you are playing as a Froce or a Newman, you have the ability to refill your TP. Find a safe place and wait for it to go up. If your short on money or just do not want to pay the 10 Meseta to heal, go to the Hunter's Guild. Once there, talk to the person behind the counter. Then choose and start any mission. Once the mission is loaded, your HP/TP are fully healed. Talk to the person behind the counter again, and choose to cancel the mission. Note: This is useful if you want to do an area again, such as the Forests, without having to reset the game. Once you are ready, talk to the person at the Hunter's Guild that is behind the counter. Choose "Load", then quit any mission and all areas will have been reset.

Fighting Invisible enemies
Use the environment to help you. Enemies such as Sinow Zoa can easily be spotted by their reflections on glass or water, as well as the targeting system. However, that can be unreliable at times.

Dodging De Rol Le's Energy Balls
After De Rol Le has shot his timed mines onto the raft, go to the upper right hand corner of the raft and face directly to the corner at the edge. Do not move until De Rol Le is done with the energy balls. This works about 80% of the time. If you are online, this may not work because other players may do the same thing. It only works if one person is in the corner.

Resta Dodge
If you time the technique Resta correctly, you can avoid almost any attack. The trick is to just cast Resta before your enemy attacks, but long enough that you can gain life; otherwise you will just get hit.

Easy Meseta
This trick requires an empty file and two controllers. Create a new file, give the character any name, face, color, etc. Return to the player screen and select multi-player. Have the new person drop the items. You should get 300 Meseta some Monomates, Monofluid, and a Mag. Keep repeating this until you can buy the item you want.

Easy Level Gain
If you want to gain some levels without much effort and are around a 25 to 40 level range, try going the forest levels under the hard difficulty setting. You can usually get about 8,000 experience points from it.
Find someone who has played the game longer than you have. Ask them if they can give you a high powered Mag. With this Mag, you can start using weapons from the Ruins (if it is at a high enough level). Also, you can join in a multi-player effort. If you are a Ranger, you will have an easier time then a Hunter. When a teammate has weakened a monster, aim and go for the kill shot. You should move up levels easily. Since Hunters are naturally stronger than Forces and Rangers, they have an advantage. To gain levels quicker, defeat the Caves 3 boss. Hunters can use an effective Sword or Partisan against him by hitting all of his parts. After that, talk to the Priciple and go to Mines 1. You can now do a great deal of damage on the Mine 1 enemies. They are weak. The only three to watch out for are Sinow Gold, Sinow Beat, and Granas. The basic enemies in the mines area give about 15 to 22 experience points. By the time you get to Mines 2, you should have already gained a couple of levels. Mines 2 also offer a great deal of experience.

Go to the
Forest (under the hard, very hard, or ultimate difficulty settings depending on your level). Enter a room which has a Monest (or Mothvist in ultimate) and killall the Mosquitoes without killing the nest. Once the nest stops spitting out mosquitoes, return to town via Telepipe or Ryuker. Return. The nest will spit out more mosquitoes. The experience given varies depending on difficulty, but the ultimate mode mosquitoes give about 230 experience points each

Play in multi-player mode with a group of either high levels or low levels. Play through the game as you would in solo mode. Many of the monsters are harder to defeat, and you will get five points extra experience per how many people are on your team. By the time you complete the game you should be at level 20 or higher, depending how many monsters you have killed. Note: When you make it to hard mode, you will start finding special weapons earlier because your luck points are being evaluated as a team and not individually. Then, when you play in solo mode you will be able to pass through it without problems.

Use a weapon that can confuse an enemy. Use it on a Honest and when the little fly things appear, they will be confused and will kill each other giving you the experience.

When you fight a Pofuilly Slime, use Barta or another Ice technique on it. The enemy will duplicate into two. You can then make a copy of the copy (you can only make one copy of the original). You can create a total of six Pofuilly Slime. The copies will give you double the experience of a normal one. If your gun has a name with "Master", "Lord", or "King" you will be able to equip a bullet that takes experience from an enemy on all your shots. Some guns also have other abilities.

Easy Materials
Get a character that can easily kill monsters in the Normal Ruins. Take him, and go through every Ruins under the normal difficulty setting. You should be able to find, on average, five materials. Def Materials and Mind Materials are more commonly dropped because certain creatures seem to drop them more. This is also a good way to improve lower level characters. Take all material found and give them to that low level character in Multimode.

Easier Boss battles
If you are having trouble with Bosses and want to avoid going through the enter level again after dying, use this trick. Use a Telepipe or the Ryuker technique at the entrance to the Boss. If you die, then you can just go over to the bank and find the teleport that you made. Go through it, and you will get back to the Boss. To kill the Bosses from the forest, cave, and mines faster, you can use weapons like the Saucer or use Rares such as Slicer Of Assassin. Keep using hard attacks, and in about ten minutes it should be dead.

Hunters Guild missions
If you successfully complete all the Hunters Guild missions, you will have access to all of the missions all over again. If you complete the mission again, you will be able to keep playing it repeatedly.

Weapons from monsters
If you obtain a special item such as G-Assassins Arms or Bomma's Right Arm, go to the Unsealed Door mission. Talk to the person standing to the right of the portal to the principal after all missions are complete. He will turn your item into a weapon.

Finding rare weapons
The best place to find rare weapons are at the Dragon (Episode I) under hard mode. You can find such weapons as Crush Bullets and Musashis. Its recommended that you enter hard mode at level 30 or high to be effective. If you are level 20 or higher, choose the hard difficulty setting. Then, go to the warp and go to Forest 1 and 2. Over here, you should be able to find a very special weapon. If you do not find it here, you will most likely be able to find it in the caves. Once you have it, go to the Tekker or the person that reveals what a unknown item is. Take it to him, and he will probably be able to figure out what it is. Most likely, you will not be able to use this item if you just turned level 20.

Blind enemies
In a level such as the Mines, are Sinow Beats and Golds. Try walking against the wall of a room. If done correctly, the Sinow will act as if you went out of the room and will warp back to their starting point. You can then simply kill them from there, and they will not attack.

Duplicating Items
I did not create this method. It works, many people can verify that. Here are the basics of the new dupe method:

1) Don't ask me why, just make sure you have only two things in your Item Pack. A monomate, in case you have to sell during the trick, and the item
you want duplicated. No meseta either.

2) Go to the shop. The annoying lady that tells you about the Tekker's is crucial to the method. You need to talk to her/lead her over to the armor shop. Just keep talking to her, let her walk a bit towards you, talk again. It is hard at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it, and it will become very easy

3) When she is close enough to the Armour Shop, quickly turn to the armor shop and hit A. Hit Buy. The woman's text will appear as well.

4) Now, select an item. Quickly hold left, and hit A several times. The camera should switch to the Green Item Shop.

5) Now, there should be an item screen, and a buy/sell. If you hit the A and the buy/sell disappeared, hit B once, then A, should be fine, if not restart. Anyway, if done correctly, Hit B once, and one of two things will happen.

(1)-The buy/sell will disappear leaving only the Items window. Wait a few seconds and then hit A.

(2)-The Item Window will disappear leaving only the Buy/Sell. Wait a few seconds, and hit A.

6) Now, you SHOULD be able to walk around with the item screen open. IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE GETTING HERE, fool around with it until you can walk around, then go to 7.

7) Now, walk to the Bank. For this trick to work, the buy menu has to have your orange stripe moving as you know what I mean, changing the selected item etc. Talk to the Bank Lady.

8) The Deposit/Take will pop up. Select Take, and the take item screen will be behind it. If you move up and down, you can faintly see your line move. Anyway...Hit A once...and you will select it. A YES/NO will come up.

9) Now, hit B, B, A. This will bring you to a meseta/item screen.

10) You can now walk around. Hit B once, to bring up the Deposit/Take screen, or if that was up already, don't hit B. You should be able to walk around. If not, start over.

11) Now, hit Start. You should select both Item Pack and Deposit. Both will be open.

12) Open them both. Hit A when selecting Item and Item to open. Select the item you want duped.

13) Hit up and down etc, until NO and DROP are selected. Hit A. WARNING! IF YOU DE

14) The item will drop. Now, hit Start to close off the item screen. Then, in your still open deposit window, hit your item, and then Yes or deposit,
or whatever.

15) Hit B repeatedly, to exit out the windows. Then, pick up your item. Go to the bank, and Withdraw the same item.

Congratulations! You have successfully duped an item. Only one item is dupable per time. Good Luck, and if it doesn't work, re-try.

Twin Swords
For anyone who finds a twin swords weapon and is a hunter, these are some of the best weapons in the game. They have a great attack power and 5 attack-combos.

Red Ring Rico and Flowen
To find our mystery heros, you must beat Olga Flow/Dark Falz on Ultimate, go back to their dark sanctuary (Without reseting) and find them just standing there.

Phantasy Star Online's WMDs.
By reading the title of this cheat, you're probably confused. Let me clarify it. The weapons of mass destructions are weapons that are so powerful that its just ridiculous! You get them from Olga Flow, the final boss of Episode II. Don't think you're in the clear just yet: You need to beat him on Ultimate. If you beat him with anyone but Oran, who has a mere 30% chance of getting it, your chances of receiving it are reduced to around 7%. Kill Olga Flow with Oran, and if you see a special item called 'Parasetic Gene FLOW', use it on any MEGA powerful sword (A regular sword) to transform it into the Dark FLow, with an ATP of +900! For Rangers, I wouldn't leave you in the dark ;). You can use it on any shotgun to make the Dark Meteor. Any Force can use it on a rod to give it some dark powers! These can only swing once (no combos), but I don't think you'll need it.

Get Rare Weapons and Armor
Okay, for this you need a human who can cast magic and a room with a monster or two. You also need the spell Ryuker and the difficulty level of Hard, Very Hard or Ultimate.

Once you've aquired these prequisites, find a monster that can turn into a rare monster:

Rag Rappy: Al Rappy
El Rappy(Ult): Pal Rappy
Hildebear: Hildeblue
Hildelt(Ult): Hildetor
Blue Slime: Red Slime

When you encounter any of the creatures to the left, use Ryuker and teleport back to Pioneer 2. Go back and see if there's a change in appearance. If there is, you found a rare monster. Kill it for a rare weapon or Armor. IF not, try again. Some monsters change from Very Har to Ultimate, so (Ult) means they can only be seen on Ultimate.